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Professional representation in selling, buying, and funding privately owned businesses, across a wide variety of industries
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Sell Your Business
Ready to transition? Let's find the right buyer who values your business's legacy and unique position. Trust our team to secure the deal that maximizes your business exit.
Buy A Business
Looking to expand or venture into new horizons? We curate opportunities that align with your ambitions, setting you up for a seamless transition and profitable growth.
Raise Capital
Whether it's scaling operations, launching a new product, or bridging a financial gap, we connect you with the right investors and financing solutions tailored for your unique business needs.
Take control of your business's future

We see more than just numbers - we capitalize on unique opportunities within your deal

At Optics, we pride ourselves on a well-rounded understanding of the Main Street and middle market business landscape. Our multi-industry expertise serves your business with a holistic approach. We use industry standard techniques and software to serve our clients and accomplish their business goals.

Full service brokerage and capital solutions

We offer tailored solutions for buying, selling, or growing your business. Our client-centric approach means you get more than a one-size-fits-all solution. We prioritize listening, understanding, and then acting, ensuring each move is in line with your aspirations.

With Optics Capital Advisors, every transaction, negotiation, and deal is backed by a dedicated team that's as invested in your success as you are. From spotting potential roadblocks to navigating complex M&A landscapes, we commit to understanding your business's unique positioning and objectives, ensuring our strategy is in line with your vision.

Let's evaluate your business plans, together

Tell us what you're facing and we'd be happy to help. You can reach us anytime via this form or email

Latest resources to aid you on your journey

M&A, Capital, and Business Insights

Interviews, tips, guides, and essential reads for forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

Paving the Way to Entrepreneurial Freedom: A Transition to Business Ownership in 7 Months

Explore how we guided a client through the full acquisition of a longstanding paving and sealing company, achieving a 3.1x earnings multiple. This case study delves into our strategic approach to identifying and correcting financial discrepancies, realigning deal valuations, and navigating operational due diligence to secure a deal that fulfilled our client's dream of business ownership and autonomy.

5 Factors that Determine Your Business’s Valuation

When you're considering selling your business, one of the first questions you'll have is "How much is my company worth, and why?". Naturally, you want the highest price since you've spent years of time and hard work to create a successful business. If you understand these 5 factors of business valuation, you'll be well prepared to capture the true value of your business.

M&A Essentials: Crafting a Solid Deal Structure

Structuring the sale of a business is as crucial as the sale itself. The deal's framework can significantly influence the financial implications, legal obligations, and future commitments for both buyer and seller. As the world's premier business broker, we dive deep into the different methodologies to structure business deals, highlighting key considerations that could impact the outcome. This comprehensive guide aims to equip business owners with the knowledge to forge a structure that aligns with their objectives, mitigates risks, and optimizes rewards.

What To Expect When Selling Your Business

This article delves into what sellers should anticipate during this journey, offering insights into preparations, valuations, buyer interactions, negotiations, and the eventual transition. By setting realistic expectations and understanding the roadmap, business owners can position themselves for a successful, profitable, and smooth sale.

Brewing The Perfect Deal: Local Coffee Shop Acquired In Just 5 Months

Discover how we advised a local coffee shop owner through a full acquisition in just 5 months, securing a 3x earnings multiple. In this case, you'll learn about our approach to aligning buyer and seller objectives, how we navigate the financial landscape, and how we ensure a smooth, swift transition.

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We're a team of M&A experts with diverse industry backgrounds.

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Will Pouncey

Managing Director

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David Grahn

Director - Advisory Services

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Matthew Sullivan

Director - Digital Systems & Integrations

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Alex McGinty

M&A Associate / CRE Advisor

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Hunter Howard

M&A Associate

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Cesar Jauregui

M&A Associate

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Nekio Lane

Brand Specialist

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