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Brewing The Perfect Deal: Local Coffee Shop Acquired In Just 5 Months

Discover how we advised a local coffee shop owner through a full acquisition in just 5 months, securing a 3x earnings multiple. In this case, you'll learn about our approach to aligning buyer and seller objectives, how we navigate the financial landscape, and how we ensure a smooth, swift transition.

Written by
Will Pouncey
Published on
September 13, 2023


In this success story, we'll cover the full acquisition of a local coffee shop well-positioned in the center of a bustling college town. The original owner (our client) was navigating life changes that involved relocating and needed a swift deal that captured the hard earned value of the shop. We quickly jumped into action and found a quality buyer who was seeking a new challenge with a passion for coffee. In just 5 months, we not only ensured a smooth transaction but also worked closely with our client and the buyer to align both parties' interests.

Key Deal Metrics

  • Advised the: Seller
  • Type of Deal: Full Acquisition
  • Timeline: 5 months
  • Earnings Multiple: 3x

Objectives & Reasons for the Deal

Seller's Objective

The seller was facing significant life changes and needed to relocate, thereby necessitating the sale of their profitable coffee shop.

Buyer's Objective

The buyer was looking for a new challenge and had a deep-rooted passion for coffee. They were immediately drawn to the shop's brand and product, envisioning the potential to make it their own.

What went right

Quick Agreement on Terms

Both the buyer and seller agreed on the terms of the deal within the first 45 days. This prompt consensus on key terms, such as price and training after the deal, helped accelerate the transaction process.

Collaborative Environment

Optics Capital ensured both parties worked collaboratively and harmoniously throughout the deal process, leaving only financing approval as the final hurdle before closing.

Timely Financing

We partnered with Troy Bank & Trust (TB&T), a local lender known for its community investment and professional service. TB&T quickly approved the necessary financing, enabling us to close the deal within the anticipated timeframe.

Areas for Improvement

Although the deal was generally seamless, there was a missed opportunity to have multiple buyers on standby. Two other prospects had made below-quoted offers; retaining them more actively in the process could have given us the agility to pivot rapidly, should our primary deal fall through.

About the Business

The coffee shop, located in a prime location of a college town, had been profitable and popular since its inception 14 months prior. The strong community affinity for the brand, coupled with a focus on high-quality products and customer experience, had been fundamental in establishing its ongoing value.

Deal Partners

TB&T was not just a financial partner but a cornerstone in the successful closure of this deal. They bring a philosophy of investing in local communities to the table and proved to be knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with.


This full acquisition case study serves as a testament to our high-quality brokerage services, emphasizing our ability to facilitate successful deals within a quick timeframe, all while managing various moving parts efficiently. Whether you are a buyer looking for a perfect fit or a seller aiming for a swift and profitable transaction, we bring expertise, integrity, and a network of valuable resources to ensure your objectives are met.

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