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Our ethos

Optics Capital: Where Strategy Meets Success

We're focused on turning business goals into measurable reality.

Imagine a group of friends, each with their own knack — one had an uncanny sense for market trends, another could whip up a tech solution before his coffee cooled, and then there was the maestro of finance, turning dreams into spreadsheets. Individually, they were great, but together? They were something else. That's how Optics Capital Advisors began — not just as a business, but as a family.

We've always seen ourselves as the bridge between 'what is' and 'what could be'. We're not your typical startup consultant or by-the-book business broker. But here's the thing: it's this very uniqueness that's our strength. We approach every business as a unique story, with its own challenges and dreams.

Over countless cups of coffee (and maybe a few late-night snacks), we've realized that the best strategies don't just come from spreadsheets; they come from truly understanding and partnering with people.

  • Synergized Expertise: Merging technology, market insights, design, and financial dealings into a holistic advisor approach.
  • Relationship-Driven: We're about meaningful, lasting partnerships. We're in this journey with you.
  • Dynamic Vision: Tradition meets innovation. We honor tried-and-true methods but aren't afraid to think outside the box.

Our commitment? To be more than just your team. To be your allies, your confidants, and the co-authors of your success story. So, if you're ready to turn the page to a thrilling new chapter, you know where to find us.
Our leadership team
Some of the people you'll be working with

We're a team of M&A experts with diverse industry backgrounds.

Photo of Will Pouncey

Will Pouncey

Managing Director

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David Grahn

Director - Advisory Services

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Matthew Sullivan

Director of Technology

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