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Thinking About Selling Your Business?

Whether you're ready to sell tomorrow or just planning about your future, we'd like to help by sharing our resources.

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Navigating The Business Sales Process

We understand the myriad of factors and emotions that come with the decision to sell your business. It's not just a transaction; it's a legacy you're transitioning.

1. Engagement & Valuation
First things first, we lay it all out in the engagement letter. We then dive deep into valuing your business. We'll unravel not only the figures but also the stories behind them.
2. Profiled Preparation
Think of this as setting the stage for your business's grand showcase. With tailored marketing documents, CIMs, and valuation narratives, we don't just list businesses - we craft the story of their journey.
3. Targeted Market Exposure
We list your business on platforms where genuine buyers frequent. But remember, it's not about the number of eyes on your business, but the quality of those eyes. All while ensuring client confidentiality.
4. Engaging the Right Buyer
Over the years, we've learned that it's not about finding 'a' buyer; it's about securing 'the' buyer. The one who sees the potential, the one who shares the vision, and the one whose capabilities match the requirements.
5. Negotiations to Offers
Every business has its unique propositions, and we make sure buyers not only see them but also value them.
6. Efficient Closing
The last mile can sometimes be the trickiest. With seasoned legal partners on our side, we ensure that the transition is not just smooth but also safeguards all your hard-earned efforts.
Seller success stories

See how Optics provides value to the seller

Don't leave your business' future to chance; learn how our expertise can make your selling experience as seamless and profitable as possible

Luxury Door and Window Designer's Full Acquisition

An established home finishings company in Mobile, Alabama was successfully acquired, highlighting the benefits of thorough preparation and clear documentation. A perfect fit for a retiring seller and a new entrepreneur.

Ideal Match: Buyer Acquires Family-Owned Building Materials Business

A well-established family-owned building materials business was acquired by a fitting buyer, overcoming delays to achieve a strategic match aligned with expertise and values.

Quick Turnaround: Efficient Sale of Fast-Casual Restaurant to Family Operator

An experienced operator acquired a fast-casual restaurant franchise, aligning with his goal of establishing a family restaurant group. The deal closed in just three months with minimal issues.

Wood Products Manufacturer's Strategic Acquisition in 12 Months

A family-owned wood products manufacturer was successfully acquired in a strategic move, facilitated by our expert brokerage, achieving a 3.5x earnings multiple in just 12 months.

Sports Equipment Retailer’s Seamless Acquisition

A well-established sports equipment retailer was acquired in a strategic deal, achieving a 4x earnings multiple. The seller retired, and the buyer pursued a new strategic interest.

Paving the Way to Entrepreneurial Freedom: A Transition to Business Ownership in 7 Months

Explore how we guided a client through the full acquisition of a longstanding paving and sealing company, achieving a 3.1x earnings multiple. This case study delves into our strategic approach to identifying and correcting financial discrepancies, realigning deal valuations, and navigating operational due diligence to secure a deal that fulfilled our client's dream of business ownership and autonomy.

Brewing The Perfect Deal: Local Coffee Shop Acquired In Just 5 Months

Discover how we advised a local coffee shop owner through a full acquisition in just 5 months, securing a 3x earnings multiple. In this case, you'll learn about our approach to aligning buyer and seller objectives, how we navigate the financial landscape, and how we ensure a smooth, swift transition.

Smooth Acquisition of a Beloved Fast-Casual Franchise

A long-standing fast-casual franchise in Alabama was successfully acquired in a full acquisition, achieving a seamless transition thanks to a strong culture fit between the seller and the entrepreneurial buyer.

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