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Quick Turnaround: Efficient Sale of Fast-Casual Restaurant to Family Operator

An experienced operator acquired a fast-casual restaurant franchise, aligning with his goal of establishing a family restaurant group. The deal closed in just three months with minimal issues.

Written by
Will Pouncey
Published on
April 22, 2024


In this case study, we explore the full acquisition of a fast-casual restaurant franchise by an experienced food and beverage operator. The seller, leaving the country, needed a swift sale, while the buyer aimed to establish a family restaurant group. This deal, closed in just three months, highlights the benefits of clear planning and diligent teamwork.

Key Deal Metrics

  • Advised the: Seller
  • Type of Deal: Full Acquisition
  • Timeline: 3 months
  • Earnings Multiple: 3x

Objectives & Reasons for the Deal

Seller’s Objective

The seller, planning to leave the country, sought a quick yet profitable sale to ensure a smooth transition.

Buyer’s Objective

The buyer, an experienced food and beverage operator, wanted to establish a family restaurant group, and this deal aligned perfectly with his strategic plan.

What Went Right

Clear Game Plan

The buyer, with a passion for the restaurant business, came prepared with a clear game plan. His experience and vision ensured that the acquisition aligned with his broader goals, facilitating a smooth process.

Diligent Effort

Despite a packed pre-closing schedule, both parties demonstrated diligence and put in the necessary hours to address checklist items, overcoming challenges effectively.

Areas for Improvement

Pre-Closing Schedule

The packed pre-closing schedule created time pressures. However, through teamwork and diligence, the buyer and seller managed to address the issues with minimal disruption.

About the Business

The company, a young franchisee in a growing market, operates a fast-casual restaurant offering American-style food at affordable prices.

Deal Partner Highlight

Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate Group, a referral partner and leasing group, played a key role in the lease assignment process. Their commitment to tenant success was evident throughout the deal, contributing significantly to the smooth closing.


This acquisition showcases the power of clear planning and diligent teamwork in fast-paced business transitions. Our brokerage’s ability to align seller needs with buyer goals, even in challenging timelines, ensures successful outcomes for diverse clients. By prioritizing integrity, efficiency, and client success, we facilitate smooth and strategic business deals.

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